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I Am My Father’s Son:

In the early 1950s my father came to this country from St. Lucia, West Indies. Born in Laborie, and raised in the small town of Saltibus he came to the United States simply looking to take a path that for many St. Lucians was impossible. An 8th grade education, 5 dollars in his pocket and an old bicycle waiting for him as a gift when he arrived in the US, he eagerly stepped into his adventure that he claimed as his life. Uneducated but worldly, speaking 4 languages; Kind and yet terse; liked Heinekens a little too much but loved scotch even more. A father, a contractor, a businessman and a self-proclaimed professional ice skater and down -hill skier (yet he never spent a moment on skates or skies nor did he even see snow or ice until he reached the States). His zest for life and unwavering backbone made him loved by many and intolerable to some. Armed with a chip on his shoulder, he worked hard, loved his children, enjoyed himself and along the way was able to see many failures and some successes.  He is my foundation and my hero.

Professional Career :

I graduated from New York Law School and became a member of the Connecticut and New York Bar. I accepted appoint to the Connecticut State’s Attorneys Office where I was a prosecutor for about five years. Being promoted to major felony offences, Part A court in Bridgeport, CT.

From the States Attorney’s Office to an Executive for the NFL and then to the NFL Players Association as Assistant General Counsel I kept it moving. I was a regular on Court TV as well as an adjunct professor at New York Law School. But the goal was to start my own practice by the age of 35, which I did.

Before becoming Vice President and General Counsel for the United Football League, I represented everyone from race car drivers, to bodybuilders, to football players, entertainers, movie production companies, producers, boxers, NCAA athletes and companies expanding into the sports and entertainment industries. And, after the UFL, I represented high profile criminal defendants in Connecticut. The criminal defendants, a divorce and complex child custody case lead to the realization that “LIFE is WAY too short to eat that certain kind of shit

So, my life burned down, my law practice destroyed and my reputation tattered from the fall out….  But, in that storm, I found myself and found a better life.

I love My Kids, Cars, Motorcycles, and Fitness:

Life gets simple when you burn it down. Your kids become your inspiration and you light. You stay healthy so that you can stick around as long as possible with the kids and my pleasure is found around sports, entertainment, Formula 1, live events and travel. It’s my loves, my life, my adventure and my business.